lolrune is a package which contains two clients (async and non-async), through which you can fetch League of Legends rune information for any champion.


There are two clients included with lolrune. You can install the default which uses the requests library like so:

On Unix-based OSes (you may need sudo)

$ python3 -m pip install -U lolrune

or on Windows

> py -3 -m pip install -U lolrune

In order to install dependencies required for the asynchronous client, which uses aiohttp, you may do the following:

$ python3 -m pip install -U lolrune[async]

The [async] part is 100% necessary in order to use the AioRuneClient, unless of course you have aiohttp installed already.


It is typically recommended to install packages in a virtual environment by using pipenv.


All lolrune data is obtained via scraping Runeforge.

I highly recommend you check them out!


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